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Our Summer in Saratoga Springs

by: Thomas Marshall

This book about Saratoga Springs NY is a brief sketch of its flamboyant and significant history, and what you will discover today. On another level the book is proof, along with the Author’s other seven travel journals that his retirement travel lifestyle still thrives. Saratoga Springs’ motto is History, Health and Horses. It is the site of the most momentous battle of the American Revolution. It was also the summer playground for the wealthiest Americans during the “gilded era”. They came for the healthful mineral springs and left behind a trail of unequaled opulence, style and naughtiness. The site of the National Museum Racing and Hall of Fame it is the source of modern-day horse racing and carries on that tradition in the grandest style today. Complemented by dozens of the authors photos you will find this book lays Saratoga Springs today at your fingertips to enhance any guidebook, become an often referred to memento of your visit, and serve a meaningful gift to friends and family. It might even spur your interest in learning more about the author choice of how he spends his retirement travel dollar to wring out far more value than the typical, often ordinary, cruise or tour.

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