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Our Summer in Europe

by: Thomas Marshall

The seventh book in a series by Tom Marshall describing experiences he & his wife Elysee have had during their summer’s away from home. The summer of 2013 broke with the practice of renting in one place for the entire summer. Instead The Marshall’s rented for seven week in Rome, six weeks in Paris & five weeks in London, with stop over in Ireland folded in. In this book Tom describes the activities and events they encountered & participated in, several day trips taken to places of interest nearby, and excursions further afield of several days or more. The book is complimented with many photographs, all of them taken by Tom. Any reader contemplating an extended visit to Europe would benefit from reading this book, it provided an excellent example of contemporary Rome, Paris and London but, most importantly it testifies to the BIG idea Tom promotes, to Make the World Your Second Home by renting, instead of buying.

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