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Make the World Your Second Home

by: Thomas Marshall

Tom and Elysee have proved during the past nine years how to live an exciting, worry-free lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of owning a second home or taking expensive and all too short vacations. This book explains the advantages, process, personal fulfillment and above all the modest cost of their adventurous lifestyle. The key is renting a different “second home” each year, anyplace and anytime you desire. From Ireland to Australia, from Carmel, California to Boothbay Harbor, Maine they have lived that life and proved their idea works. This book will tell you how they do it. This leisure time guide can lead you to a more adventurous, independent and thrifty retirement. This book will show you how to move forward with your retirement dream, even in these uncertain economic times. If you’re a BOOMER planning for the future, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!

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