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​About The Author
Tom Marshall and his wife Elysee recently retired from the business world. They moved to Florida and were faced with the dilemma of whether to sell their home up North or keep it as a second residence. The Marshall's decided, instead, to make “the world their second home.” They plan on traveling every summer to a different part of the world and establishing residence for a period of three or four months. Author Tom Marshall has written a fascinating, photo-filled account of his adventures in Australia and New Zealand. If you are thinking of visiting these places, or if you are newly retired and wondering what to do with your time, The World is Our Second Home: Our Summer in Australia and New Zealand would be an excellent choice for you. After spending twenty-six years in the U.S. Army, Tom Marshall retired in 1983 from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He retired again in 2000 from a job involving national security strategy and planning. Tom Marshall and his wife, Elysee, currently reside in Naples, Florida for eight months out of the year, spending the other four months in a different country.